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Interested in getting a Custom Sneaker?


Send Your Shoes or We Provide It.

Handmade in our private studio in Halifax, Canada.

Firstly, there is not a set price for creating a 1 of 1. The question.. “How much do your customs cost?” Hold no value. So, pricing varies on how much work it is for Kemmy and any additional add-ons e.g shoes laces, lace locks. Its almost like a tattoo. For example, the price ranges for getting a simple Virgo Symbol as oppose to getting a portrait of a family member or sleeve.

What kind of shoe?

Depends on whether the material is doable to paint on. This can be anything ranging from Jordan’s, Yeezy’s, converse, and Adidas or Kyrie's. Most common shoes are the Roshe, Huarache, Air Forces, Timberlands, Airmax, Vans, and Ultra Boost. It can be anything, if its not there on the list. Feel free to email me at

Can I ship my shoes?

Yes you can, I live in Halifax, Canada and you can email me for my PO Box. Shoes must be in an acceptable condition. Preferably brand new of 9/10 condition. No beaters please! Also, try to avoid creasing and wrinkles because it can affect the design and paint.

We ensure steps are taken to ensure quality of artwork. These customized products are made to be worn; however, they are still works of art and should be worn carefully. Wear customs at your own risk. WE ARE are NOT responsible FOR ANY DAMAGE done to artwork once delivered. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ASSESSED