Kreations by Kemmy, launched September 2017 is owned and operated by Kemmy Smith. A Bahamian born artist in Nova Scotia, Canada. Started at Dalhousie University and later finishing at Nova Scotia College of Art & Design University, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts. An artist of all mediums; barber, painter, drawer, illustrator and designer. Only difference is that sneakers are my favorite canvas.

Specializing in custom sneaker customization in Halifax, Canada. Everything that I do, I want to be able to make something that you won't see on sneaker shelves. My goal is to change the sneaker culture, because at some point it gets irritating seeing everyone wearing the same shoes everywhere. I can see why girls get upset when they see another person with the same outfit they have on. Why not change the culture and create something that doesn't exist.